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Linda Biegel Schulman, mother of Parkland shooting victim, speaks about Texas school shooting
Linda Biegel Schulman's son was a teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He was killed trying to protect his students during that mass shooting in 2018. Schulman joins CBS News' Lana Zak to discuss the recent school shooting in …
May, 26 2022
What Trump’s Bad Night in Georgia Really Means
Republicans in the state still love Trump, but didn't feel they have to follow all of his endorsements.
May, 25 2022
Soaking Rain Today - Warm, Sticky and Thundery Memorial Day Weekend
Another free watering is at hand, with the steadiest rains in sight falling today. We dry out Thursday with a stunning Friday and an OK holiday weekend (sunshine sandwiched between T-storms with more humidity). If the sun stays out a few hours we may sample 8…
May, 25 2022
'Bankrupt conscience': Texas newspaper blisters Greg Abbott after latest mass shooting
Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott was blasted for his firearms policies as he began his general election campaign against Democrat Beto O'Rourke.Abbott described the Uvalde gunman's actions as “Horrifically, incomprehensibly," which resulted in a harsh editor…
May, 25 2022